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‘I recently met with Ed for a days consultancy, it was great to take time out of the business and Ed’s help and advice was thought provoking, relevant and useful, particularly providing practical advice as to the future direction of the business and tangible ideas that can be implemented almost immediately.’

David Maslen - Maslen Estate Agents in Brighton.


"Ed Mead has provided us with encouraging, pragmatic and sound advice as we embarked on selling our house. His in depth understanding of market conditions and the way to market a property re pricing were invaluable and enabled us to achieve the result that we were looking for, having been frustrated in the past. If anyone wanted impartial and honest advice then I would talk to Ed. The art of selling a house is much harder than one thinks and Ed made us think!  Much appreciated and worth it."

David Chancellor - seller in Berkshire



"It was good to have a sensible head to bounce ideas off, someone well experienced in the wiles of estate agency. Having Ed to advise saved a lot of hassle at a time when I didn't need any more. He also knew the best people to advise on ancillary services which helped. 

If anyone wants someone quietly advising them in the background, I can't think of a better person than Ed"

Honor Dubois - Seller in Hampshire



"Using Ed actually enabled me to sell to a neighbour, in this case without using an agent, whilst still benefitting from his experience. It meant I could get on with my life and just get updates and advice on when I needed to push my solicitor (another Ed recommendation - really useful). Deal done with what in retrospect feels like little hassle at all. I'd strongly recommend Ed's no nonsense approach and can't see why anyone wouldn't want him on their side"

Fred and Kitty Stroyan - sellers in Dorset


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